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A page for coverage on the campaigns against fees and cuts in education, and also some of the wider issues about the kind of education that we need. See also the 'useful links' below - do add further links and posts.

Posted April 11, 2011

British Art Schools - Class Dismissed
A useful piece in The Guardian (Sat April 10, 2011) by Laura Barnett, it includes a report from Chelsea College of Art and Design.

Posted Jan 30, 2011
By Adrian
Selection of articles on cuts in UK higher education

I came across this excellent selection of articles from publications worldwide, on UK cuts to education - it can be found here - worth spending a little time on perhaps.

Posted Dec 19, 2010
By Adrian

Excerpt from a letter by
Alexander Garcia Duttmann, Professor of Philosophy and Visual Culture at Goldsmiths
Published December 8 2010 at

'The Life and Death of the University, by Alexander García Düttmann

In the last few weeks, much emphasis has been placed on the impact that the unprecedented increase in tuition fees will have on the life of the university and, beyond the university’s boundaries, on the life of future students themselves. But oddly it seems that the real import of the cuts to Higher Education proposed by the current government will remain hidden, or is dissimulated, as long as we do not take on board the reason why student fees are to be raised so significantly. This is because the Arts, the Humanities and the Social Sciences will no longer receive teaching grants from the government. It is the privatisation of an essential part of the university that leads to the proposal that tuition fees should be raised. So by dividing or splitting it up, the government and all who support its policies in matters of Higher Education, are destroying the life of the university, are putting the university to death. When students say that the university is going to die, when, symbolically, they carry the university to its grave, they are only showing what the government is doing to the university, they are denouncing the violence that is threatening the university’s life. The students are calling things by their names instead of pussyfooting around the death of the university, and they are doing so because they want the university to remain alive...'
Full article see:
December 8, 2010 by Goldsmiths Fights Back

Posted Dec 19 2010
The Camberwell Occupation
Camberwell occupied
Camberwell occupied

Critical theory and practice...
In a lively article, Sarah Amsler makes links between current student campaigns and critical theory...

The Book Bloc comes to London Dec 9, 2010
The Book Bloc comes to London Dec 9, 2010
Report on the December 9 events
We must get off the learn-to-earn treadmill (letter to the Guardian, signed by many public figures) Dec 10, 2010

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