Reading list

The reading list below has been chosen for relevance and critical quality as well as for the brilliance and inspirational quality of the writing (Susan Sontag, Jean Baudrillard, Stephen Bayley, Roland Barthes, Walter Benjamin, Ernst Gombrich, are particularly good examples). Feel free to make your own selection... You may wish to add your own recommendations. You may also use the discussion tab to discuss works.

Criticism and Interpretation
Barrett, T (2000). Criticising art: understanding the contemporary. Boston: McGraw Hill. [A very useful basic practical guide to the subject – well written, clear, straightforward.]
Baudrillard J (2005). The conspiracy of art. New York: Semiotext(e)
Bayley S. (1991). Taste: the secret meaning of things. London: Faber and Faber
Berger, J. (1972). Ways of seeing. London: Penguin.
Burgin V (1986). The end of art theory: criticism and postmodernity. Basingstoke: Macmillan Education [especially chapters 1, 2, & 7]
Elkins J (2003). What happened to art criticism? Chicago: Prickly Paradigm Press
Foster Hal, (1996). The return of the real. Cambridge Mass.: MIT Press
Greenberg C. (2003). Avant-garde and kitsch. In: Harrison C and Wood P, Eds., Art in Theory: 1900-2000: an anthology of changing ideas. Malden: Blackwell
Kuspit D (2004). The end of art. Cambridge: Cambridge Univ Press
Munari B (1966). Design as art. London: Penguin Books
Nelson RS and Schiff R (2003), Critical terms for art history. Chicago: Univ Chicago Press.
Seamon R (2005) Criticism. In Gaut B and McIver Lopes D, Eds. (2005). The Routledge companion to aesthetics. 2nd Edn. London: Routledge. Pp 401-15
Sontag, S (1964). Notes on 'Camp' (Accessed October 10, 2010) [Recommended by Isabella]Sontag, S (1987). Against interpretation. In: Against Interpretation, and other essays. London: Andre Deutsch, Pp. 3-14
Bourriaud N (2002). Relational aesthetics. Les Presses du Reel Eco, U (Ed.) (2007). On ugliness. (Transl. Alistair McEwen) New York: Rizzoli [Recomended by Isabella]
Gaut B and McIver Lopes D, Eds. (2005). The Routledge companion to aesthetics. 2nd Edn. London: Routledge
Scruton R (2008). Beauty. Oxford: Oxford Univ Press

Critical theory and media theory
Barthes R, (2009) Death of the author. Translated Richard Howard. (Acessed April 19 2010)
Baudrillard, .J. (1994) Simulacra and Simulation. Transl. Sheila Faria Glaser. Ann Arbor, Univ Michigan Press, (First Published 1981)
Benjamin, W. The work of art in the age of its technological reproducibility (1936). In Eiland H, Jennings WG (Eds.) Walter Benjamin: Selected writings, Volume 3, 1935-1938, Cambridge Mass., The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2002. Pp. 101-133 [The 1936 version is reproduced at Accessed October 10, 2010]
McLuhan, M. (2001). Understanding media: the extensions of man., Routledge Classics: London. (First published 1964)
McLuhan M (1967). The medium is the massage. London: Penguin [especially pp. 44-69]
Stafford BM (2001), Visual analogy: consciousness as the art of connecting Cambridge Mass.: MIT press

Space, form and architecture
Blunt A (1962) Artistic theory in Italy, 1450-1600. Oxford: Oxford Univ Press.
De Boton, A (2006). The architecture of happiness: the secret art of furnishing your life. London: Penguin
Gombrich EH. (1969). The form of movement in water and air. In O’Malley (Ed.) Leonardo’s legacy: an international symposium. Berkely, Univ California Press. Pp. 171-204
Panofsky E. (1997). Perspective as symbolic form. New York: Zone Books
Winters E (2005). Architecture. In: Gaut B and McIver Lopes D, Eds. (2005). The Routledge companion to aesthetics. 2nd Edn. London: Routledge Pp. 655-67

Psychogeography, place and non-place
Auge M (1995). Non-places: introduction to an anthropology of supermodernity. London: Verso
Bachelard G. (1964) The poetics of space. Massachusetts: Beacon Press
Ballard JG (1973), Crash. London: Cape
Coverley M. (2006) Psychogeography. Harpenden: Pocket Essentials
Sinclair I (1997). Lights out for the territory. London: Penguin

Art history
Gombrich EH, (1996). The Story of Art, London: Phaidon Press