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Posted by Adrian, Jan 31, 2011
This Friday Feb 4th British Museum drawings, plus future plans - 'Culture Club'

Thanks to everyone for the feedback session last week. I thought it was very positive, and I’m very pleased that the work of the group will continue post-elective.

This Friday February 4th – visit British Museum to see drawings from the Print Room
Jim Pearson is leading the visit to the British Museum Print room to see some extraordinary drawings from the Renaissance to the nineteenth century – including works by Albrecht Durer. Meet in Room 18, the Parthenon Sculptures (Elgin Marbles) at the British Museum at 13.45, this Friday Feb 4th (the gallery where we finished our tour last time). It will be an amazing experience.

Return of work / marks
I will email mark sheets to you later this week – by Wednesday evening.
Work will be ready to pick up from Jim Pearson’s office, Wilson Road, from late afternoon (after about 3.30), this Thursday Feb 3rd
(If anyone wants to talk further about feedback then do email me)

The Horniman Museum
I really enjoyed our visit to the Horniman – an informative and fascinating talk from Graziana, a school learning officer from the Horniman, in the ‘handling room’, (unlabelled items for groups to handle). Graziana introduced us to the aquarium, which was spectacular, modest in scale, with a lot of attention to the aesthetics of presentation – lighting, colours, and composition of the various elements – quite stunning.

Culture Club
As you know Rosie Mitchell has set up, and will coordinate a blog at www.cultureclubhouse.blogspot.com for the continuing activities of the group. I’m very pleased it will continue, and I’m happy to come along too when I am able to.

At the feedback meeting Scott Johnson also agreed to act as a secretary to the group and Charlotte Jones as events programmer (taking suggestions from people)

Ideas for future events / visits:
more walks
Spooky walks
London walks
Nunhead cemetery
Highgate cemetery
Stoke Newington Cemetery
Natural History Museum – Spirit tour
Tring Museum
National Theatre – trip
Globe Theatre
Glastonbury Tor
Other theatre trips – The Factory
Somerset House
Garden – Chiswick House
The Garden Museum (Lambeth?)
Chelsea Physick Garden
Comedy Clubs
‘Up the Creek’ – Greenwich

Great ideas for lots of visits. Good luck with future plans (I hope to come along to some), and thanks for all your hard work on the formal part of the elective. I’ve really enjoyed it.

See you this Friday at the British Museum

Posted by Adrian, Jan 22, 2011
Congratulations on the installation!
Elective meeting this Friday Jan 28th, Wilson Road plus Horniman Museum
Thanks to everyone for a great installation at the elective event – I thought it worked very well indeed, it was truly collaborative, enjoyable to do, and it was very well received – and it was also an impressive and exciting integration of creativity, writing and criticality! Congratulations to all!

Peter Rhodes has made a timelapse film of it for us, which you can see here http://vimeo.com/19031223

Jayde also documented it with photographs which we will post on the wiki too.

I will email again soon, but just to let you know that there will be a final session this coming Friday (Jan 28) at Wilson Road from 11.00 to 13.00. Afterwards we will make a visit to the Horniman Museum in the afternoon. I am doing my best to mark your work in time for Friday so that hopefully I can return it to you then.

Also do put in your diary the first post-elective event on Friday February 4th 2011, when Jim Pearson is leading a visit to see drawings by Renaissance masters and other key figures at the British Museum Print room. We will confirm the time and meeting place soon.


Elective Event, January 21, 2011, Wilson Road
Posted by Adrian

Criticism and interpretation: an installation

Congratulations to everyone on putting together a really successful, interactive and collaborative installation at today's elective event.
Thanks to Peter and Jayde for documenting the installation. You can see the time-lapse film captured by Peter here http://vimeo.com/19031223 More pictures to follow!

Elective Event - Text and Image
Private View - They Work with Words
The Text and Image Elective have a private view on Thursday evening (Jan 20 2011) from 18.00 to 21.00 at Flat Time House, 210 Bellenden Road, SE15 4BW. The show 'They Work with Words' is also open on Friday 21st Jan, 11am-3pm
See also Elective Event page
(Unfortunately the private view on Thursday evening coincides with the work on our installation at 18.00 to 20.00 at Wilson Road - see below, but maybe we can make the final hour!)

The Elective Event 20th-21st January 2011
Hello there.
The elective event is a lovely opportunity to make work and share it with others (mainly the other 2nd year elective groups and invited friends). I’m very pleased that we are all going to make a piece together.

We had a really good discussion on Friday of various excellent ideas for the elective, and everyone collectively decided upon one idea.

Concept: a criticism and interpretation mind map, as an installation in our Ground Floor space at Wilson Road.

More details
The idea is to attach images to the walls, along with criticism and interpretation of them on square yellow post it notes. We will also use thread or wool to make links between different things (a kind of brain...). We will start to make the piece on Thursday evening from 6.00pm to 8.00pm. Then we will continue on Friday from 09.00am and work on it through the day. It will be in part an installation, and in part a kind of interactive performance. Visitors will also be invited to contribute

‘Criticism and Interpretation: An Installation’

What to bring
Everyone should bring:
· Three images (anything you like)
· Packs of square yellow post-it notes
· Pens of different colours
· Masking tape
· Wool and thread (Jayde is also buying a selection of wool and thread and we will split the cost to reimburse her)
· Scissors and any other tools that might be necessary

Peter is going to set up a time lapse film of the whole thing, which we can of course publish in some way
Jayhe is going offered to bring in a good camera to take some high definition images – which we can also publish

A ‘post-it’ trail will be laid to promote the piece. Also Isabella (Toledo) has volunteered to make a poster, modelled on the idea of a post-it label

Other things...?
Instructions for the visitors? Does someone need to knock up something for this?

Come along, enjoy it, and invite friends
If you are unable to make the Thursday evening, then do come along on the Friday. There should be some opportunity to see other people’s work too at the vent. And do invite friends along!

Thurs 20th Jan 18.00 to 20.00 Ground floor seminar room, Wilson Road – beginning installation
Fri 21st Jan 09.00 to 17.00 Ground floor seminar room, Wilson Road – continuing and showing installation

Let’s Continue the Criticism and Interpretation Group
First post-elective event Friday Feb 4th – British Museum
There is obvious interest in continuing to meet as a group. Jim Pearson is happy to work with us to do this, and I am also happy to come along when I can. There will be a further post-Elective event on Friday February 4th, when Jim will take us to the Print Room of the British Museum to see some extraordinary drawings by major artists.

Trevor and Isabella have also offered to help coordinate future meetings. Funding could be sought too.

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday evening if you can make it, and then during Friday working on our installation!
I think we have a great practical idea for our contribution to the Elective Event, that will produce an interesting piece of work!

Many thanks for all the materials handed in on Friday. I am looking forward to reading them and I’m hoping to get them marked in time for the feedback session on Jan 28th when I will return them to you.


Elective events from performance group today Friday January 14th
(Of course we have our own session for Criticism and Interpretation from 11.00 to 13.00, but we might be able to see some of the Performance group's events afterwards).
Friday 14th January Camberwell Space gallery
Students from Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre and Mark McGowan's Camberwell performance elective.
1pm-2pm - Gallery wall installation
2pm-3pm - Street Performances in Peckham Rd.
3pm -4pm - Feedback with Wimbledon students / Planning for Final Event
4pm - Performance ELBOW ROOM students from Richard Layzell's Wimbledon performance elective, inside Camberwell Space

We will be meeting again this Friday January 14th at 11.00 at Wilson Road.
Hello – and a very Happy New Year!
I hope you have enjoyed the holiday break.
This post is in three parts, relating to Friday’s hand-in of work, plans for the elective, and a report on our last session.
After the hand-in of your work we will continue our preparations for the elective event.

Hand-in of work
As previously briefed, this Friday you will need to hand in two elements of work (during the session or otherwise to Jim Pearson’s office) in relation to the elective
1) some kind of record of your elective and
2) your evaluative report
(Assessment is also based upon attendance, presentations and contributions to the sessions)

1. Elective record / journal / diary / blog
The purpose of this is to record your elective journey. You are free to choose any format, such as a journal/sketchbook/ diary/ blog, or some other form such as a video or audio diary. It would be good to include a record of your experience and reflections on your experience, of the sessions, the group visits, visits in your collaborative group, and other things that you have seen and done and thought about.

2. The 500-700 word evaluative report
In this report you are asked to reflect on and relate your elective experiences to your main study.

Answering the following questions will help you to write this report.
• What have you gained from your elective experience?
• Has anything surprised you about your elective subject and perhaps changed your thinking?
• Has the elective content influenced your work and specifically how do you anticipate that influence to further develop in you main subject area?
• Has working with students from the Art and Design clusters challenged any preconceptions you may have had about cross-disciplinary exchange?
• What have you discovered from your own investigative reading and research around your elective subject?
• Will you continue to develop your elective subject now the unit has finished?

Formal requirement:
Evaluative Report 500 - 700 words, word processed and spellchecked.
1.5 line spacing – 12pt font size

(The learning outcomes and assessment criteria were given with your original elective pack.)

Do let me or Jim Pearson know if you have any particular questions on this.

Preparation for the elective event (evening of Jan 20th and all day Friday Jan 21st)
We had an excellent discussion in small groups at our last session together on December 10.

Suggestions for the elective event from Dec 10 session:
1. A debate re education and cuts

2. Produce work - responding to art works, something individually - using the same materials - to produce something together

3. A party game - historical / celebrity or person / object

4. Art Quiz
An interactive discussion / debate

5. 'Knowledge Relay' - e.g. 30 second presentations - forming one long presentation - or 30 different people / topics each linked ot the last one

6. Exhibition of comments on art works - using the same format - inviting comments on work on postcards

7. Publication
Some form of publication - diary of each week

I have received a further suggestion from one of our group:

8. ‘I thought something that we could possibly do; is if we set up a video recorder filming against a white background with a chair. Then people in our class can sit down on the chair and start to describe, interpret, criticise one piece of work. The piece of work could be behind the camera, so it isn't being shown to the audience, so what we are saying describes the painting, and the what we say is the focus. Then, at the end we could then reveal it to the camera - almost as if to see what we have said is how the audience imagine this painting. So then it is focused on how we have developed at interpreting work? Then the video could be played to the audience of the elective event, and it could be however long we wanted it to be, and anyone can take part - but there is scope for the whole class to be involved? As well as it not being too embarrassing or too much pressure for individuals to stand up in front of all of the elective groups?’

There are excellent exciting ideas here. (I hope I have captured these reasonably...)
More than one thing might be manageable, and it is nice to have suggestions that can involve everyone together.

Contacts: Rosie, Trevor, Anne, Isabella Toledo and Scott all kindly volunteered to act as contacts to help coordinate the Elective Event if that is a useful way to work.

We will spend more time on Friday to plan our event.
We can also continue discussion here by email (reply to all) or by using the discussion forum (you might have to sign in to post)

Report on December 10th session
We had a great end of term session on December 10th.

Thanks very much to Jayde for her presentation on contemporary photography of Richard Billingham, Richard Misrach, Lewis Baltzand others, and on Jayde’s own work of photos taken around where she lives in Kent. Some interesting issues of aesthetics, the ‘everyday’ and photo as documentation came up in a good discussion.

Kazukopresented on the graffiti work (and other work) of the elusive Banksy. She had interviewed people in Portobello Road market as part of this project, to inquire into their responses to Banksy. Issues that came up included the political nature, or otherwise of Bansky’s work, whether it was simply ‘one-liners’, satire, or smart commodification akin to advertising. Through studying Banksy Kazuko said she had grown to like his work.

Scott, Ally and Jedrzej, gave the third presentation centred on the Lloyds Building in London and other works by the Richard Rodgers architects practice. Norman Foster’s ‘Gherkin’ (Swiss Re Building) was also discussed. It was a very interesting presentation that picked up some architectural themes that have also emerged in our visits, including questions of aesthetics – does the Lloyds Building a kind of post-industrial aesthetic – an industrial look in an era when heavy industry has declined sharply in the UK? The building had incorporated an element of the 1928 facade and also reconstructed a wood-panel lined office within the modernist interior.

Following these great presentations and discussions we took a trip to see the Salted sculpture show, by 2nd year Camberwell students, at which Hafsa and Georgia presented on their work. Hafsa had produced an installation based upon the ‘peppered ghost’ principle using video, and sheets of glass to produce a mysterious three dimensional effect. Georgia had made pineapples (formerly symbols of wealth and exoticism) which she had installed high upon a wall in this unusual space under the railway arches in Southwark It was an excellent show and congratulations to Hafsa and Georgia and to all who took produced this show.

I look forward to seeing you again on Friday!

This Friday Dec 10 we meet at Wilson Road from 11.00 to 13.00 followed by visit to sculpture show.
There will be three presentations at Wilson Road, from Jayde, Kazuko and also Scott and Ally

Following the presentations we will go by bus to Southwark (10 minutes on the bus I understand) to see a show by 2nd year sculpture students – Georgia and Hasna will present on their work in the show.

There will be one further opportunity to present on January 14th (also the date for the hand-in of your journal/diary/blog charting your journey through the elective, plus your evaluative report of your elective).

Would anyone who has not presented so far please let me know what they would like to present on for January 14th so that I can programme that day (this is at least Jedrzej and Alex F-S – is there anyone else – do let me know?).

The Elective Event – January 20-21

I have started a discussion thread on the wiki, at [[message/list/home|http://criticism-and-interpretation2010.wikispaces.com/message/list/home]]
Do contribute - it is a space where we can discuss ideas and suggestions. I would also like to do a little work on this on Friday, so do come along with any ideas.

Link your blog to the wiki?

The blogs page on the wiki Blogs+and+websites is an opportunity to share your work and ideas with others in the group (and anyone else who happens to look in). You can edit the page directly and add a link, or send me a link and I will put it up. Three people have put up a link to their blog so far.

Last week

Many thanks for excellent presentations from Cheyanne on new work made this term, and from Esther on the American country singer Loretta Lyn. And thanks for great discussions from the group.
Loretta Lynn http://userserve-ak.last.fm/serve/_/10576/Loretta+Lynn.jpg
Loretta Lynn http://userserve-ak.last.fm/serve/_/10576/Loretta+Lynn.jpg

I look forward to seeing you this Friday – our last session before the holiday.
Best wishes

December 1, 2010

This Friday Dec 3rd - Wilson Road at 11.00 followed by visit to sculpture studios

Many thanks for another great session last week

This week Fri 3rd Dec

This week we will meet at Wilson Road at 11.00 until 13.00, where we will have presentations from Esther, Cheyanne and Hafsa

This will be followed by a visit to the sculpture studios where people will share work and ideas for us to discuss (perhaps sculpture students could let me know who is going to show work). The sculpture studio visit at Peckham Road will run from 13.30 to around 14.30 if that’s OK.

Last week

Thanks once again for a great session – lovely perceptive discussion, with excellent presentations from our group and from our guest Peter Nencini.

The first presentation, from Isabella, introduced the formalist / psychological approach of scientist and art writer Robert L Solso to the analysis of works of art (from Gericault to Ellsworth Kelly). This interesting word ‘Gestalt’ cropped up – untranslatable into English (which is why we need it) but referring to form and shape, and, in psychology, to our perception of patterns and objects.

The second presentation, from Grace, Giyun, Frances and Emanuelle, compared two sculptural representations of heads (portraits) – that of Marc Quinn, a self portrait of his head, cast in his own frozen blood, (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJ7_KQzS2iw ) and a portrait of Isabella Blow by Noble and Webster (see http://www.npg.org.uk/whatson/display/20101/isabella-blow-by-noble-and-webster.php ) utilising stuffed animals and light to project her profile in shadow. Issues of identity, representation and symbolism came up here. Is Marc Quinn’s head sculpture a ‘cliché’? (Cliché is a printing term for a phrase used so often it was kept ready assembled in type...).

Peter Nencini then presented an impromptu exhibition of his works with collected objects in the display case outside the seminar room, followed by a fascinating talk about his work and his recent exhibition in Germany, and pieces for the New York Times. ‘I am troubled by the idea of specialism’ he said. His work crosses a number of disciplines quite freely – design, graphic design, typography, sculpture. It was an inspiring talk that explored the notion of visual language amongst other themes.

Peter Nencini http://www.johanssen-gallery.com/gallery-artists/craft-design/peter-nencini/
Peter Nencini http://www.johanssen-gallery.com/gallery-artists/craft-design/peter-nencini/

December 10th

We will take presentations next week by Jayde, Kazuko.
Also can take other remaining presentations, such as Alex F-S, Alex P, Scott, Jedrzej and any others (please confirm what you would like to present on and if you are presenting in a group or individually?).
There will be one final slot for presenting on January 14th.

Following next week’s presentations (December 10th), for all who wish, we will round off the term with a visit to the Turner Prize Show at the Tate Britain. (There is an entrance charge).

I look forward to seeing you this Friday at Wilson Road

November 24 2010
Posted by Adrian

Friday Nov 26th Presentations and Talk by Peter Nencini

Thanks for the two great presentations and discussion last week.

This Friday, Nov 26th, we will meet at Wilson Road at 11.00 in the normal Ground Seminar Room for presentations by group members and a guest presentation by Peter Nencini.


I think for this week we could comfortably have two presentations:
I suggest that we take a presentation from the group comprising Isabella Tolledo, Kazuko, Jan and Jayde? (Perhaps this group could let me whether this would be one or two presentations?)
A second presentation could be from ‘group 5’ – Frances, Emanuelle, Alex Foss-Sims, Giyun, and Grace? (please confirm)

Perhaps Hasna could present the following week – see below?

Peter Nencini

Following presentation by our group members we will have a presentation by Peter Nencini. Peter lectures on the BA Illustration at Camberwell. His work crosses the disciplines of art and design, and he has recently had high profile shows in Germany and in New York. He will bring along some materials and talk about his work. (See also Peter’s blog at http://peternencini.blogspot.com/ )

Future programme for this term
I suggest the following in terms of future presentations this term (please let me know if you have any comments, suggestions or corrections)

Fri Dec 3
Presentations from Hasna; Esther and Cheyanne; plus visit to sculpture studio with presentations by Giorgia and Jayde
?Presentation by Tengen magazine (to be confirmed)

Friday Dec 10
Presentations by
Scott and Alex
Any other presentations?
Plans for elective event

Plus Group visit to the Turner Prize (Tate Britain)

(If I have missed anyone off who still needs to present – please do let me know!)

Last Week
Two great presentations from:
Amy on her new photography work – lovely discussion and very generous and supportive feedback
A lovely presentation on the Sir John Soane Museum, from Rosie, Yasmin, Sophie and Julie-Ann. This was very rich and well researched and brought many different and intriguing aspects out about the collection, including the alabaster sarcophagus, the ‘Pasticcio’, the Monk’s Parlour (with shades of the gothic)
Congratulations to all who presented!

Visit to Flat Time House
The more that I see of John Latham’s work the more intrigued I am. Education Officer John Hill from Flat Time House gave us a very clear and inspiring introduction to the house and to Latham’s work – it was really a very good introduction to John Latham’s rather difficult but central idea of ‘Flat Time.’ It was also great fun to see the video / film of the SKOOB towers and the Pathe Newsreel about his interventions with books.

The Elective Event, Jan 20-21
You may want to begin thinking about how you would like us to participate in the elective event next term (January 20-21) – it is really up to us to decide – it could be something that involves the whole group, or something by our collaborative groups and individuals, or a mixture of both – or something else entirely? We will set aside some time to discuss this in the coming weeks.

I look forward to seeing you this Friday

Best wishes


This week - Friday 19th November, Wilson Road, 11.00am

Presentations, plus visit to Flat Time House

This Friday (Nov 19th) we meet at Wilson Road at 11.00 for three presentations. This will be followed by a visit to Flat Time House, Bellenden Road, which is about 15 minutes walk from Wilson Road.

11.00-13.00 Meet at Wilson Road for three presentations
Followed by walk to flat time house (there are cafes nearby in Bellenden Road to have a break for lunch)
14.00-15.00 introduction by archivist John Hill, to Flat Time House (a gallery and house/studio of artist John Latham) http://www.flattimeho.org.uk/project/8/

This Friday’s presentations
We have scheduled a presentation by Amy plus groups ‘4’ and ‘5’
Group 4 comprises Rosie, Jasmin, Sophie and Julie-Ann
Group 5 comprises Frances, Emmanuelle, Giyun and Grace

Grace has asked whether group 5 can instead present the following week – Nov 26th? Would any other group or individual be prepared to swap with group 5 and present this Friday? Do let me know?

Last week (Nov 12)
We had two excellent group presentations:
The first from Anne, Trevor, Jacob, Katie and Joao,dealt with a number of aspects of the idea of ‘truth’ and of the ‘real’ in different forms of art – photography, sculpture and painting. This cross disciplinary approach was, I felt, very valuable in giving some complementary insights into these fundamental questions. Jeff Wall’s comments on the relationship of photography to cinema were very illuminating – he said that film comprised lots of individual photographs. The tree copied and cast in wood (Charles Ray) raised some somewhat related questions through the medium of sculpture. Relations between painting and other forms were also explored. (Do feel free to add images to the wiki about the presentation?)

The second presentation from Olivia, Spencer, Ruth and Sara, reviewed the exhibition of Fabric works by modernist artist Louise Bourgeois. It was a very thoughtful review that discussed Louise Bourgeois’ work from a number of aspects. One theme to emerge was the degree to which one might, or might not, take into account her personal motivation, or her experience, or her psyche, in interpreting the work, or perhaps how one might put these issues to one side and understand the work in other ways?

Gareth Polmeer
Following these group presentations, film-maker and lecturer Gareth Polmeer, in a wide ranging seminar, presented on some themes around ‘psychogeography’, Situationism, and some architectural and spatial themes that we have inherited from the Renaissance. It culminated in his showing of a recent short film exploring space and time, landscape, and formalism, in relation to the Queen’s House (Inigo Jones) at Greenwich.

Walk around Camberwell
‘A pleasant retreat of those citizens who have a taste for the country while their avocations daily call them to town’ – Priscilla Wakefield, (1809) Perambulation

Despite the rain... we took a walk around Camberwell, joined by Jim Pearson, taking in some historical references, architectural features and contemporary typographic displays... including, Saint Giles Church, the old ILEA headquarters, a neo-Georgian 1930s council housing block, the Camberwell Public Baths, Camberwell Green, Camberwell Church Street, Sophokles bakery, and a walk up Camberwell Grove, the early London suburb (late Georgian – early 19th century) with its mainly Georgian architecture, scattered Victorian houses and modernist council estates – we did not see the Camber Well, which is now covered over somewhere up the hill...

I look forward to seeing you this Friday

November 8 2010
Posted by Adrian
This week - Friday 12th November, Wilson Road, 11.00am
Presentations, plus Gareth Polmeer, and walk around Camberwell
This week we will meet on Friday at 11.00 in the ground floor seminar room at Wilson Road, for presentations by groups 2 and 3
This will be followed by a guest speaker Gareth Polmeer, a film-maker who lectures in film and video at Maidstone UCA. Gareth will explore some issues around time and space and ‘psychogeography’.

The session will be followed at 13.00 by a Walk around Camberwell

Timings for Friday 12th Nov
Wilson Road
11.00-12.15 Presentations by groups 2 and 3 with discussion
12.15 Gareth Polmeer
13.00 Walk around Camberwell
14.00 end.

Last week
I hope you enjoyed last week’s session at the National Gallery discussing Allegory. I went around with Karly’s group where we looked at Bronzino’s allegory of love with Venus and Cupid, Caravaggio’s boy bitten by a lizard, and then ‘A young man and a woman making music’ by Jan Molenaer.

One of the things that struck me in Karly’s tour was the degree of ambiguity that seemed deliberately created in allegorical works – an ambiguity that creates a certain openness of the meaning, which Karly compared to the openness of meaning within a poem.

The three works she showed, in chronological order, were progressively removed from mythological scenes to, in the third, Dutch painting, scenes of real people in everyday life, but nevertheless still with some allegorical content.

Wiki updates
I will post an account of Karly’s tour on the Wiki, and if anyone would like to post an account of Colin’s tour of the paintings then please feel free.

I’ve put up some other pages – including a Miscellany... for... anything you want, and a page on psychogeography , and see also the page on Camberwell

See also Olivia’s noticebelow asking if people would like to go for another walk in London?

I look forward to seeing you on Friday

Hi Everyone!

After the breif but really interesting walk from The London Archives too the Guildhall a few Fridays ago, a few of us talked about meeting up and doing another walk. If anyone is still interested in doing this then here is a link with a few suggestions of different routes.


If people want to do this we could arrange to do one of these in next few weeks.


Announcement November 1, 2010
From: Adrian Holme

This Friday Nov 5th – National Gallery 13.45 foyer of the Sainsbury Wing, Trafalgar Square
This Friday we will meet at the National Gallery for a guided tour of some paintings that explore allegory with Colin Wiggins and Karly Allen. Please be there by 13.45 at the Sainsbury Wing entrance to the National Gallery (to the left of the main entrance as you look at it from the square) – where we met last time.

Last Week – excellent presentation on Rosa Barber, followed by Jim’s 'Baker’s Dozen' at the British Museum
We had what I thought was such an excellent session last week with a presentation at Wilson Road on the Rosa Barber show. So many points emerged, so many ways of looking at and interpreting the work came out. Many thanks everyone.

This was followed by a trip to the British Museum where Jim Pearson took us around his ‘Baker’s Dozen’ (i.e. 13) choice of ancient sculpture, from the Cycladic works (that influenced Giacometti) through the Egyptian figures, Assyrian reliefs, (lion hunts) and then from early to later Greek sculpture, culminating in the extraordinary ‘Parthenon Sculptures’ sometimes known as the ‘Elgin Marbles’. It was a wonderful talk, illustrated by Jim’s mounted foam board slides – that, in part, demonstrated the rise of naturalistic sculpture over two millennia, as well as the many ways in which this ancient art fed into 20th century modernism.

Group work
The other two groups that were due to present last week at Wilson Road are now rescheduled for November 12th (in two weeks).

I look forward to seeing you on Friday at the National Gallery

Announcement October 28, 2010
From: Adrian

This week's elective Friday 29 October - 11.00-13.00 Wilson Road followed by British Museum
(See also my email)
This week we will meet at 11.00 until 13.00 at Wilson Road (same ground floor seminar room) for some presentations by groups as well as discussion of the past two weeks visits.

Group presentations this week
(See my email for details)

We will also have a discussion / workshop of some of the issues and questions that have come up from our visits (do also take a look at the account of the National Gallery visit page).

This will be followed by a journey together to the British Museum to arrive at around 14.00, accompanied by Jim Pearson (who studied sculpture at Camberwell), to look at the Parthenon sculptures (Elgin Marbles) and some other ancient sculpture. There is of course a controversy about the presence of the Parthenon Sculptures in the museum, see also, for example http://www.parthenonuk.com/
One of the Parthenon sculpture (Elgin Marbles) at the British Museum
One of the Parthenon sculpture (Elgin Marbles) at the British Museum

Visit to the London Metropolitan Archive and the Guildhall Art Gallery
Paul Sherrard introduces designs for Tower Bridge
It was an inspiring visit to the London Metropolitan Archives and the Guildhall Art Gallery – with a guided walk through from Clerkenwell into the City as well – with nunneries, Karl Marx, condemned highwaymen, Gin Lane, slaughter, fairs and executions, heroic deaths and all, taken in en route to the Guildhall. Many issues and many questions were raised, including the status and function of an archive, the function of the City of London, the objectivity or otherwise of an archive, the relationship between the personal and the impersonal – the document recording the names of slaves and their value from the Duckingfield Hall Plantation in Jamaica brought this home very forcibly to me.

I am very grateful to the staff of the Archive and Guildhall who were very generous of their time and energy.

I will be posting some photos and accounts of this day – please feel free to post any report, or respose to the day at the Wiki page on Week 03

I look forward to seeing you at 11.00 this Friday at Wilson Road

Announcement October 24, 2010
From: Adrian

Reports on the National Gallery visit
Please note that the visit to the National Gallery visit page now has two reports - one prepared by Jan and Sara on Karly Allen's tour, and one from myself on Colin Wiggin's tour.

It would be good to discuss our two visits when we meet this Friday, so it might be useful to read these accounts and prepare some thoughts on what we have discovered.

Annoucement October 19, 2010
From: Adrian

Friday - Trip to the London Metropolitan Archives and Guildhall Art Gallery

This Friday (October 22) we will meet at 9.45 sharp at The London Metropolitan Archives, 40 Northampton Road, London EC1R 0HB (nearest tube Faringdon) - Map

The London Metropolitan Archives http://www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/Corporation/LGNL_Services/Leisure_and_culture/Records_and_archives/ hold some 250,000 prints, drawings, maps, photographs and documents relating to London. As well as an introduction to the archive itself, the archivists will bring out a range of original materials from different ages, for us to examine. There will be time for your own research too.

During the afternoon we also have an introduction to the Guildhall (London’s ancient Town Hall), in the City, and a tour of the Guildhall Art Gallery http://www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/Corporation/LGNL_Services/Leisure_and_culture/Museums_and_galleries/Guildhall_Art_Gallery/ , which contains the remains of the Roman Amphitheatre in the basement of the building. (Map)

There will be free time for you to look around – so do bring drawing materials if you would like to do some drawing there (photos are not allowed inside the Gallery).

This should be a day of exciting visits that not only introduces some ideas around what an archive in, plus viewing of various kinds of works, but also gives a deep insight into the nature of the City of London and its history over 2,000 years.

Summary of programme
9.45 – meet at the London Metropolitan Archives, 40 Northampton Road
12.00 -13.00 Lunch and walk down to the Guildhall (via Smithfield)
13.00 Meet outside the Guildhall Art Gallery – historical overview of Guildhall, Yard and Amphitheatre
13.20-2.30 Tour of site and discussion
2.30 break
2.45 – 4.00 – time for private study / drawing in the gallery.

Last Week’s visit to the National Gallery
I thought this was an inspiring visit with talks from art historians Colin Wiggins and Karly Allen in front of works in the gallery. I will be posting a summary of some points, but do feel free to add your own thoughts and responses.

I look forward to seeing you on Friday.

Announcement October 13, 2010

This Friday October 15 – visit to the National Gallery

We are meeting this Friday in the Foyer of the Sainsbury Wing of the National Gallery (Trafalgar Square, to the left of the main entrance)
Please be there by 13.45 sharp.

We will have an introduction to a number of paintings from Colin Wiggins and Karly Allen, Art Historians at the Gallery. Works will be chosen on the theme of Time and Space from the Mediaeval to the Renaissance.

I look forward to seeing you there. (I have also written a report on last week's session at Wilson Road.)
The National Gallery, London, 16 October 2009, (c) A Holme 2009

Links: http://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/ The National Gallery, London

Announcement: October 6 2010
From: Adrian

First session - Friday October 8th 2010**
The first session for the elective will take place this Friday, October 8th in the Small Seminar Wilson Road from 11.00-13.00

Please bring along an object of your choice...

For further details of this and future sessions see the Programme

Monkeys as Judges of Art
Monkeys as Judges of Art

Monkeys as Judges of Art

Gabriel Cornelius von Max, 1889, Monkeys as Judges of Art, oil on canvass, 85 x 107 cm - Neue Pinakothek, München